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Heel pain

Heel pain is very painful. And it can happen to any person and children . Heel pain is miserable walk. The problem is seen in women, especially overweight or diabetes may be due to.

To diagnose the causes of heel pain is essential to know.

Reason :-

Unbearable pain in your heel when you think normally you go to the doctor, he gets first heel X-RAY , And gives you the inflammation and pain medication , But these drugs are effective only so long as they have the effect . Effect end the pain starts again in the heel. Elopethik persistent swelling and pain medications can have many side effects from eating still does not relieve heel pain.

After ten years of continuous research, we have designed a drug called heel-o-pen | 10 to 15 days by applying the medicine consistently for your heel pain relief is always in , Or you can get rid of this discomfort forever.I'll .

Heel Pain Treatment

Heel-O-pen powder should first carefully Aelovira (aloe indica) to take a bud and the need to separate the pulp skin.I (gel) to remove Chilke 50 Tiy: to separate | Pulp (gel) that you derive as much of the heel is completely covered on all sides .

Now this pulp (gel) 1 tablespoon (10 gm) of heel-o-pen Make a paste by mixing the powder mixer Grainder so wish can also use . Totally gels and powder: Mix should , Now it will be prepared as a paste by mixing .

Now the frying pan coatings (Taba) and heated to make paying attention spans are much warmer than the plaster ignite sooner your heel will be fine | Note that this special coatings or pan fry pan, otherwise it would be cool to take.

Apply the heated coating around your heel heel totally: The coat should be covered .

Subsequently, such that it binds to the heel of a cotton fabric coated overnight with your heel affixed .

After tying the cloth, if you can wear socks up | Coating after walking all right away | It's just time to sleep at night .|

This process continued for 10 days without any gaps filled, Heel pain that you can always get rid of.

Heel-O-pen powder somehow sprain swelling and pain in the heel pain or injury can be Mundhi.